NWIGU member companies reflect diverse business interests: food processing, pulp & paper, wood products, steel, chemicals, electronics, aluminum, aerospace, hospitals, electric generation and more.

The Northwest Industrial Gas Users is a trade association representing large volume end-users of natural gas with major facilities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

NWIGU is dedicated to representing its members' interests before state, regional, and federal regulatory agencies and policymakers, as well as providing an information service to its members to make better energy management decisions.

NWIGU functions by the following guiding principles:
  • Market forces should regulate competitive markets to the benefit of all consumers, as with natural gas commodity deregulation;
  • There is a necessary role for regulation of monopoly utility distribution and pipeline transportation services; and,
  • This regulation should support open access and cost-based rates.
During the past two decades, the Northwest Industrial Gas Users have provided leadership on important energy issues that impact the Pacific Northwest and have been a powerful voice - guiding regional, state and federal government officials toward a deeper understanding of the pivotal role of natural gas in our economy.